a Hat Box


Hat boxes to protect your new hat or fascinator: in medium large and large sizes. Add one to purchase. All are decorative with holiday designs, without words/writing.


These decorative hat boxes are round and come in medium large and large sizes .   Each will hold at least one large hat or fascinator or several smaller fascinators.  Most boxes have a Holiday design with few to no words.  Some are pictured here.

Sizes: 13 to 16 inches wide by 5 to 7 inches deep

Construction: heavy cardboard.

These boxes are for sale only with a hat purchase.  Shipping cost will be the price quoted in the product sale, provided it is at least $15.  If the product shipping cost falls below that, an additional shipping cost will be added to cover the cost of shipping the large box.

Your hat or fascinator will be shipped in this box.  It will be covered with heavy paper or plastic to protect it during shipping.



If you are looking for more high end solutions, you might check these out:   https://www.amazon.com/s?k=large+decorative+hat+boxes