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Fascinated by Hats’ Milliner’s Story

The story of Fascinated by Hats and me as a milliner continues to evolve.  Both blossomed from my retirement “hobby” of hat making. Yes, I know most say retirement is a time to wind down. Yet, my “fascination” with all things hats has me winding up instead!

My Story as a Milliner

I fell in love with hats on a trip to New York City. Along with a group of “hat loving” ladies, we went shopping, of course. I tried and purchased many hats and fascinators from many different designers. And… I spent a fortune!  But a “seed” was planted. I saw that, with my technical and artistic background, I could make designer quality fascinators and hats. Being a small boutique, I could also promise “one of a kind” creations at very good prices.

Although my formal education was a bit unusual, as a Chemical Engineer, it trained me to be a “creative problem solver”. I worked in Product Development at Procter and Gamble for 32 years doing just that. But at the same time, I always engaged in artistry – jewelry making, painting, sewing,  tailoring and such. So I “simply” brought the engineer and the artist in me together to create beautiful and unique fascinators and hats. Now I get to help women look their best, feel their best, be confident and beautiful!  I watch them giggle and primp while they find the hats or fascinators that bring a glowing smile to their faces. What a joy!

My Brand: Fascinated by Hats

My Brand, Fascinated by Hats, promises beautiful, designer fascinators and hats that help women be their most beautiful and fun selves. Each is exquisitely handcrafted and a unique millinery creation. Fascinated by Hats’ offers a full range of hats: from pillbox to larger brimmed hats, and from small to very large fascinators.  Of course, these also include derby hats (,  wedding hats, casual and cocktail hats and fascinators. I also sometimes “reinvent” quality vintage hats, maintaining their classic beauty while updating their look.

So whether you’re looking for something elegant or casual, for a special occasion or just any day, Fascinated by Hats has the variety of designer fascinators and hats to meet your needs.  And if it is not already available, I will create the perfect custom millinery for you. A quality fascinator and/or hat created precisely for you, your special outfit, occasion, and style.

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