Deep turquoise wool hat- beautiful! Quality peach bloom wool.  Adorned with a large spray of turquoise feathers and brooch. . Great for the races, dress, dress casual, church.

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Jesse  is a deep turquoise wool hat.  It is a high quality peach bloom wool Hat- soft and luscious feel! The crown is asymmetric (higher on one side that the other) as is the brim being turned upward in one direction and more straight in the other.  It is a beautiful hat!

It is appropriate to wear as both an upscale casual hat and a dressy hat, for the derby, church and more.

Embellishments: Matching band, an extra full spray of turquoise feathers, silver and turquoise brooch.

base fabric: peach bloom wool

size:  116 to 17″ wide x 4″ high at max point.  circumference

I suggest wearing this deep turquoise wool hat tilted to one side for the best look.

I personally design and make the wide variety of unique millinery at Fascinated by Hats. These range from pillbox to larger brimmed hats, and from small to very large fascinators. I sometimes even “reinvent” quality vintage hats. I maintain their classic beauty and at the same time give them an updated look. About

And if this turquoise hat is not just what you want, Fascinated by Hats will create a unique, custom creation just right for you, your special outfit, occasion, and style. Contact me with your interests and questions. Custom designs

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