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Kentucky Derby Style Guide   

woman at derby

Should I buy the hat or the outfit first? This is one of the most asked questions! The answer: either approach works. If you are looking to make a statement with your hat,  it’s best to purchasing the hat first and then complement it with a more “basic” outfit  and/or color. That is, let the hat be the star! If finding clothes that fit to your liking is a challenge then, finding the outfit first might be a better option for you. Once you’ve selected your outfit, I can help you find/design the perfect hat to complete your Derby look!

– If you’re wearing an outfit with a “loud”, busy or colorful print, try pulling one color from the outfit into your hat or fascinator, rather than incorporating every color from the outfit onto your head. You don’t want your hat to look like a craft project!

– If you are trying to decide between a hat or fascinator, both  are equally “acceptable” during Derby week.  My #1 tip to clients is to choose what makes you feel confident; you don’t want tfeel self-conscious all day!  You can also choose a fascinator for Friday and a hat or larger fascinator for Derby day if you are attending both events.

– Oaks Day (the Friday of Derby week) is sponsored by Susan G. Komen and the spotlight is on survivors of breast cancer (and ovarian cancer). Most everyone at the track will have some form of pink incorporated into their outfit. Whether it’s head-to-toe pink, a pink bracelet, clutch, or simply a pink hat, you’ll definitely want to participate in this tradition and not feel left out!

– What attire is most appropriate for both days?  Almost anything goes! Dresses, jumpsuits, pant suits, dressy pants/shorts with a blouse – any of these options (and more) are acceptable the week of the Derby. Let the hat be the star! If you will be sitting in clubhouses and/or special rooms, do check the website as  are some are more particular than others.

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